The Perfect Festival Bag

Festival vibes!
One of the most anticipated moments of the year is approaching for many, the time of the music festivals. Coachella, the most popular of all, started this season of concerts, and maybe you already went there or maybe you're about to go to some other festival. Today I want to talk about an unmissable accessory. The perfect little festival bag!

When you go to a festival the idea is to have fun, enjoy the music and dance without worry, so we have to walk as comfortable as we can. Obviously, we are going to need some things like our cell phone, a mobile charger, dark glasses, your favorite lipgloss, but only the bare essentials. And all of this has to fit in a small and stylish bag.

These PH&T bags are ideal to go to a festival. They are the perfect size to carry everything you need. They can be crossed, so it leaves our hands free, and they are also beautiful!  The little fringe gives this bag a boho chic look. Perfect for the summer mood of festivals. You know, if you are planning to enjoy some festival soon, do not hesitate to look for this PH&T bag, which will also be able to use for many other occasions.

A little more about PH&T
This is definitely a brand you need to look out for! Using only natural materials, unexpected combinations and their own unique ornament on each bag or wallet. Yes a bag from PH&T is easily recognized. The love for the design and the enthusiasm for each new collection just oozes through the whole collection. As all the bag are handmade from the finest leather no 2 bags are exactly the same.

Unique boho style
With their own unique style, all designs are from the beautiful owner herself. Spending most of her winter time in India looking for new inspiration and fabrics to work with. I had the pleasure of already seeing a sneak peak of their winter collection '17, which is going to be even more beautiful!

Where do you shop for your perfect festival bag? Which brands do you look out for? Drop me and message and inspire me.    

With love & light,